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Bondora P2P review

The purpose of this post is to understand weather P2P lending in Bondora is good or not.

I have invested 17.000 euros in this ”asset” and even though, Bondora shows 17.56% ROI for me at the moment which is great, i can’t tell if this investment is good or no. Each month i will share results


What worries me is defaults. Current total defaults is 2,254.78€  on 2016 March 7th and it constantly exceeds the profit made.

Basically if i will get 50% of the defaulted investments, i will be in a loss. I will keep updating this page so we will see the progress in Profit vs Defaults.

Also i have found one analytical article on Bondora


Datestated XIRRexpected returnPrincipal overdueDefaultedProfitWithdrawals
March 16, 201619.0814.24 - 14.61210913961070
April 1519.6014.07 - 15.80263514891329
May 15 20.4814.20 - 15.74405220251676
June 1520.5914.33 - 15.69309726951981
July 1620.4814.46 - 16.11338927042267
Aug 1520.5614.53 - 16.52383336312585
Sep 1520.2414.46 - 16.17453038412873298
Oct 1520.2214.41 - 16.91394741843122300
Dec 1918.7912.27 - 16.16538655843485550
Jan 1518.3711.87 - 15.496588637235740
total withdrawn2248

May 15th My newest strategy doesn’t give me many loans to invest in. And the very few i get are oversubscribed. Therefor May 15th there are 446 Euros in unused funds

September 15th.

having 20k on account and 20% IRR, theoretically i could take 300+ euros a month, which i started doing.

October 15th (Saturday). First thing i withdraw 300 again, but the interesting thing there are no loans on the market to be funded. Only auto-invest programs can do that. And the rules, unless you use API, to set are very limited. (Compared to Mintos).

December 19th. I have missed the November month. The defaults are still growing massively: they grow more than the profit.

17k deposited. Outstanding principal is 19k out of which 5.5k is defaulted. If i sold non-defaulted loans at their purchase price, I would be at a loss, though my return at the dashboard says 15%+ return.

  • the auto invest program sucks. I stopped using it because sometimes when i see AB rating loans defautled, i check them – it is very obvious that they had too good rating – where with my experience i would have marked them as HR.
  • one interesting notice: all my current defaults, defaulted on first payment. I do not have any defaulted contracts with second payment.

My defaulted contracts by the purchase date. Hopefully these are the last 🙂

December 22d. By my calculations, and theory that defaults are on first payment, i can say that i have reached (hopefully) that total defaults are 5764€. If my profits at this moment are 3.5k so i should break-even in 5 months from now, and in total it comes 7 months after i stopped investing and starting cashing out. If this happens after 5 months, it means that from then on i will start receiving profit and Bondora is good as a passive investment form. Even if it doesn’t earn double digit rate or return I will have a percentage of my portfolio at Bondora.

What is the Return on Spanish loans?

assume Spanish loans give 50% interest and 50% of spanish loans default to 0.

so if we have 10 loans for 100€. Total investment is 1000€, with 50% default our loss is 500€. Remaining 5 loans of 500€ in 5 years will generate 868€ + 500€ of principal = 1368€, so total 36,8% during 5 years comes to 6% annual return.

Personal Update 1 (December 27th) from my 75 Spanish loans, 33 have defaulted (44%) and average interest rate is 56% so my expected return on Spanish loans is greater than 10.2% which i think is ok. (44% defaul: 560€ principal on 1000€ investment generates 1068€ in 5 years of interest. total invested 1000, total received in 5 years 1628€. Also this calculation has upside of loan recovery). 7 loans with interest rate 72-76% has no defaults. 7 loans with interest rate 60-64% has 2 defaults, 7 highest interest 72-80% rate loans have 2 defaults as well. If i could reduce the default rate the returns could be drastically bigger

I can say that my manual picks of loans were better, because the defaults are lower than average for that country and the only way i can keep having same is start using the API.

Strategy #3

Hand pick Spanish loans in secondary market, that are i

  • in at least second payment
  • interest rate 50%+
  • XIRR 50% +

These are my picks:

I believe i should have none defaults in this group, therefor i could achieve 50-100% yearly returns. I will keep updated on this strategy and if it works – i will need to develop the API, so i don’t have to do that manually.

January 15th

I was shocked to see my defaults increased even though i was not expecting anymore at the end of December, but i have missed something back then. What i am happy about is that my spanish loans with #strategy3 are not overdue or defaulted. I have another 375€ and i will invest them in same strategy:

January 21st

total defaulted loans 6692€

bought another 21 loans on same #strategy3.

from first batch of this strategy none of the loans defaulted

March 16

Total defaults 7235€.

First defaulted loan from #strategy3 with only 10€ of principal. Skip this month investing and will do it in April.

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