Longevity regimen


The biggest impact and change comes from Bryan Johnson Blueprint.

Cerave morning and night creams. (blueprint recommendation)

Retinol or Tretinon?


I take 0,5mg NMN daily. I take 4-5x / month 0,5mg Resveratrol at night, day before when i will not have physical activity. The title of this video is misleading, but i recommend to watch it.

Those 2 supplements I take after reading David Sinclair book LifeSpan – why we age and why we don’t have to.


  • Hyaluronic acid by The Ordinary. 2x day.
  • Declare face cream with SPF15 in the morning.
  • Lowest concentration Retinol 3x per week
  • Resveratrol by The Ordinary 3x per week
  • Vitamin C
  • Night cream. Do not have preference. Most important without smell. (Filorga is my current choise)

Multi-Peptide serum by The Ordinary for hair care.


  • Zinc. Once a week 1mg. Or more often if i feel that will get sick
  • Magnesium (L-Threonate) random, when i feel it. For better sleep and recovery from sports.
  • Curcumin. When I have muscular inflamation

Covid-19 crisis

I am starting to write this on March 20, when corona virus pandemic is at the peak in Spain.

During first two weeks of February I am reading a lot of warning on Twitter. Some events are being cancelled in the world already. I urge my wife to stock up some basic food in case of total lockdown.

February 17th to 22d I fly to Riga (with connection in Frankfurt) to Startup Wise Guys graduation and Techchill event. Before leaving I buy 6 FFP3 mascs for my family after I notice Chinese woman in the post office sending big packs of surgical mascs to China. At the moment there are plenty of FFP2 mascs.

Lidl meat section midday of March 13

March 12th Spanish government announces that country lock-down begins on Monday – March 16th. That nigh, after an argument with my wife, I decide to not take kids to school on Friday. Friday and Saturday we go for walks with kids (skipping the playgrounds and crowded places). The news are worsening every hour. When the kids go for Friday nap, I go shopping. Some sections are already empty and people are buying a lot – i wait 30 minutes in the line. The lock-down begins 2 days earlier on Saturday night. March 18th my wife goes shopping – the shops are full of food, including toilet and hand paper.

What is the life in quarantine?

In general the life did not change much: I work and have meals at home as usual. The good things:

  • I do Yoga / Stretching daily
  • I sleep better (Oura ring average sleep and readiness over 90)
  • Have time to write and read (though i read mostly about covid)
  • Rethink my life: Set your values, goals and principals (Ray Dalio).
  • I speak to parents daily
  • I speak to friends more often – usually about Covid19 and investments.
  • 100 push-ups a day (started April 10th)

The negative things are: I workout less actively. All the day is about satisfying kids, we watch at the screens more.

New covid19 cases in Spain per day

Positive vibes

Getting back to normal

6 weeks after, we are allowed to go outside with kids.

What I have learned

How viruses spread and how do you get infected

BillionToOne investment

I have invested in Billion To One a startup that is trying to make prenatal testing easy/cheap and safe. Even though i stopped my first ”fund” of startups, I have chosen to invest in this particular one because i believe and support their mission:

Our mission is to make prenatal diagnostics safe and affordable for all.

If there will be 1% advance in prenatal testing made and  i will lose all my investment – I will be happy with the outcome

2019 March. Raises series A