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Fund2  noticible event
2017 SeptemberBilliontoOnePrenatal testing for every expecting motherRaises Series A
2017 OctoberLocus BiosciencesCRISPR-Cas3 Biotech Drug DevelopmentAnnounces 818M deal
2018 FebruaryOrphidiaUniversal Platform For All Blood Tests
2018 MarchMycroft AIAlternative to Amazon Alexa. Opensource
2018 OctoberWispD2C for preventing Herpes
2019 JanuaryFind a lawyerLawyers marketplace
2019 JanuaryEvoEstateReal Estate investment platform
2019 MarchBikeepProtecting bikes from thieves. Saas for bike sharing
2019 JuneNorthOneOnline bank for Business in Canada (USA)Raises Series-A in 2020
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Fund 12014 - 2016 
2014Wefunderexited with 7% roi
2014Soothe (seed round)Skipped Series A. Participated in series B. Skipped Series C
2014EnevoSkipped next round. Went Bankrupt after Series C.
2015Molekule (pre-seed)Raised multiple follow up rounds. (Seed, Series A, B) Did not invest bc did not have pro-rata rights
2016Revolut (Series A)Received 20x cash offer. Still holding position

2017 August. Revolut. Attracted 66M investment at 420M valuation. I got a cash offer to sell my shares at x5. Decided to keep, because i believe Revolut can be 4-40 billion company. With exit from Wefunder and current Revolut and Soothe valuations i am close to break-even.

2018 Summer. Revolut is a unicorn valued at 1.7B. I get 20x cash offer and refuse because i think this can go up 20x more. It can beat Paypal (90B) valuation. Although there is big competition – Cash app from Square is the first one that comes to mind and is run by great founder.

2020 January. Revolut raises 500M at 5.5B valuation. My stake has ~50X value. I was right in 2017 when i said that Revolut can be worth 4-40B

Technically all my first startup fund is covered only by Revolut. Also my other companies Molekule, Enevo, Italist and Soothe have great paper returns.

My mistake from Fund1 is that i put different amounts to different projects. Another mistake i did not continue on follow up rounds of Enevo and Soothe. (although i participated in 3d rounds). I knew in theoretically that I have to follow on, but I did not behave like this, because I was following the lead investors (super angels make mistakes as well 🙂 ).

I am trying different investment vehicles / asset classes to find out where can i have the edge. Investing in startups was one of them 2014-2016. I have made 9 investments in startups via Angel List, Crowdcube, Seedrs (UK) and Wefunder.

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