Longevity regimen


The biggest impact and change comes from Bryan Johnson Blueprint.

Cerave morning and night creams. (blueprint recommendation)

Retinol or Tretinon?


I take 0,5mg NMN daily. I take 4-5x / month 0,5mg Resveratrol at night, day before when i will not have physical activity. The title of this video is misleading, but i recommend to watch it.

Those 2 supplements I take after reading David Sinclair book LifeSpan – why we age and why we don’t have to.


  • Hyaluronic acid by The Ordinary. 2x day.
  • Declare face cream with SPF15 in the morning.
  • Lowest concentration Retinol 3x per week
  • Resveratrol by The Ordinary 3x per week
  • Vitamin C
  • Night cream. Do not have preference. Most important without smell. (Filorga is my current choise)

Multi-Peptide serum by The Ordinary for hair care.


  • Zinc. Once a week 1mg. Or more often if i feel that will get sick
  • Magnesium (L-Threonate) random, when i feel it. For better sleep and recovery from sports.
  • Curcumin. When I have muscular inflamation

Where to buy crypto?

There are lots of options how you can buy Crypto – here I list the options I have tried and still use.

Kraken. Low fee exchange. You pay only 0.2% fee for trading. If you reach bigger volumes – the price goes down. The only drawback is quite difficult registration process. (same is with Interactive Brokers for stock trading)

MetaMask wallet. I use it with Etherium network – so you can deposit ETH and USDT. They use mainly UniSwap function inside the app to swap the currencies. I also buy NFTs over OpenSea or LooksRare, connecting the MetaMask wallet.

Gate.io. You can only deposit Crypto. You can not deposit EUR or any other FIAT currency. I use this service for rare altcoins to purchase over in exchange to USDT. Another advantage of Gate.io is that you do not need to do KYC – so the registration is very simple. They have margin lending function. ALCX lends for 18% APY, AVAX 6,5% APY, and Bitcoin you can set the minimum at 3,5% APY, but actually the supply is so big, so that BTC is sitting idle.

Crypto.com. I have account with them as i think it is one of the best bank cards now. I do not buy crypto there as they charge 0,4%, but i do get CRO tokens there, where I exchange to Bitcoin and lend it at 4.5% anual interest rate. (user referral code: 5g6fg7z7wg to get 25$)

Revolut. If you have Revolut account – it is the easiest way to start. The fees are 1.5-2.5% (10x more expensive than Kraken)

Best Fintech services for digital nomad

1. Paysera. European bank account with free wire transfers. I use it both for personal use and for the companies. The great part about Paysera is that You need only name and iban to make a wire transfer in Europe and for private persons you can make 30 transfer per month for free. Cons: the app experience is very bad – i use only desktop.

2. Revolut. Best prepaid bank card. You download the app, i order a free mastercard. They offer free currency exchange all over the world. Thailand and Russia they put a small margin. This service is also very good for bill splitting or paying nanny. (I am investor in Revolut)

3. Interactive Brokers. One of the best and cheapest stock brokers. Has all the worlds markets and best rates. Also 64 ETFs that you can trade for free. (review)

4. InRento – I am moving all my p2p investments to this platform (I am investor and co-founder)