Inrento review

InRento is a licensed crowdfunding platform for rental properties. It is regulated by Lithuanian bank. (same regulator as Revolut has)

How does Inrento work?

  • Administrator/Borrower presents the rental object.
  • After InRento approves the project it list on site for crowdfunding.
  • If the project collects money, property is purchased and mortgaged in the name of investors.
  • Investors get about 80% of rental income
  • The “shares” of property can be sold on secondary market or is sold by administrator and 70% of capital appreciation goes to investors. (20% of administrator and 10% for InRento)


  • No late projects.
  • Regulated by Lithuanian bank
  • Properties mortgaged in the name of investors.
  • Very liquid secondary market


  • 500€ minimum investment

Team behind InRento

InRento was founded by Gustas Germanavicius. Was funded by Startup Wise Guys and Angels Fund II from Vilnius. *I am minority shareholder in InRento.


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According to the report issued by Lietuvos Bankas InRento continues to be one of a few Lithuanian crowdfunding platforms that have no late payments for their investors ✌


I am shareholder of parent company of InRento