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2017 Q2


  1. made few investments with my strategy #3 including not only Spanish loans. 59 Loans bought at secondary market for total of 490€ with average interest rate of 53%
  2. from Stretegy #3 25 loans defaulted out of 148
  3. I analyzed opportunity to create API script for this strategy, but the problem is that Bondora does not allow this ‘search’ functionality and at the moment this can be done only manually. To make 490€ of investments in a quarter took me 30-60 minutes – not that bad ROI per hour spent – i will dedicate this task during Q3 for my assistant and expect to quadruple.
  4. Total defaults 8981€. Total profit 4164€


It is totally automated and i like the results. Therefor i will add another 3k in here.


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  1. Hi. Can you share what return you will see if go Dashboard, NET RETURN configuration button and select Yield to maturity using overall Bondoras portfolio?

    • admin

      It is 3.3%
      Use only your portfolio 5,1%
      3 months ago it was 10-12%
      though i highly doubt those numbers and i don’t look. The only thing now i look that i have less than 50% defaults on 50% interest loans.

      • yeah. look what these numbers will be after 2-3 month.

        Play, at least with some excel. There is how I see your portfolio, and why I think 5% is may be optimistic. May be not.

        1000Eur invested. Default 50%. 500 Lost, Recovery i.e. 30% so 150Eur you will get after 1-2-3years

        We have 500. Part of it will go default in next few month. Lets assume not 🙂 then ok, form that 500 you will get 50% profit. ok, you will have 500(principal)+250(interest)=750Eur. and some 150 from recovery after some 2years.

        Now decide yourself if strategy works.

        Myself, I will count such portfolio in such way (exit strategy). 1000 invested. Defaulted possible to sell with 80-70% discount, rest (especially if Spanish) with some 3% premium. So you have now:
        500*0,3+500*1,03= 665Eur.


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