Best schools in Valencia

This list is a subjective opinion of mine. It does not include public schools or semi-private (Concertado) schools. My wife has worked as an english teacher in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in a semi-private school and from her stories I can say that semi-private is 10x worse than the private.

To google current best schools in Spain you should search for “mejores colegios CITY”.

Before moving to Valencia, we were researching which school to apply to. The first we have chosen and got accepted was American School Valencia. As we wanted to live in Valencia city, we found out that the prestigious neighborhood of Monasterios, where the school is located is quite far from city – at least 30 minutes drive and if you want your kids to go on a school bus that would come to at least 1 hour ride one way.

Later we have applied to in Campolivar Los Olivos, Edelweiss and British school La Canada – all of them did not have space for 2 kids of ours.

Cambridge House Rocafort – is considered a good school, but we were not treated well – it looked like they do not want to accept – or was a bad day for admissions girl 🙂 The great benefit of british schools in Valencia (at least Cambridge House to my knowledge) that you do not need to learn valenciano language.

Another good school I get mentioned is Caxton college, but similarly to American School, its location is rather far from Valencia city.

Finally we have chosen Colegio Mas Camarena. 2021 ranked #6 school in Spain and #1 in Valencia by ElMundo rankings. A school with a huge area with tennis and padel courts, indoor swimming pool, football field, basketball halls and now a Mas Camarena Resort which is 10 minutes drive from the school.

The prices in every school is approximately same – around 600 euros per month for 7 year old child. There is one exception – British School Ruzafa – where the price is 2x, but probably because the school is in the city center.

Other schools that we have considered were Iale international School (E’Liana) and Julio Verne school (Torrent)

If I had to choose school today – I would go for the british one (British La Canada or Cambridge) – for the only reason that they do not need to learn Valenciano