NordStreet review

NordStreet is a Lithuanian crowdfunding platform that specializes in property developer loans. Such loans allow developers to fund a new property, build apartments, an office block, or a shopping complex. It was launched in Feb 2018. Since its inception, It has grown very  rapidly by registering over 3500 investors  and giving out loans of more than € 6 million and getting average returns of 11.39% p.a , for the investors. The platform is regulated by the Central Bank in Lithuania 

Nordstreet allows you to make an investment from just €100. This allows you to get exposure to the European property development arena without requiring access to large amounts of capital.

The platform  are similar to other P2P and crowd lending platforms.  

  • The Nordstreet team assesses the project putting the borrower’s credit history, project financials, and business plan among other factors.
  • Lenders or investors pledge and fund project with a minimum investment of € 100.
  • Once fully funded, borrower signs the pledge and surety agreements and receives the money
  • The borrower makes repayments according to agreed terms and schedules. Investors get their money back plus interest

To invest in NordStreet you need to open Paysera account. On one side your money is protected with this emoney institution, on the other hand it ads friction to registration process. Another option is to invest in NordStreet through EvoEstate

on 2020 05 23 NordStreet does not have late loans