Due Diligence on Cryptocurrency

CryptoCurrency Investing: Research and Due-Diligence.

One major principle to learn from Jim Rogers when it comes to investing is “to do your own thinking”. Reading this article would give you the insight to comprehend what cryptocurrencies are. If by chance you are an altcoin investor (An Altcoin is a cryptocurrency which is not Bitcoin), you would be able to decide on on the ones with long-term potential through fundamental analysis.

CryptoCurrency Investing Fundamentals.

  • What are the center motivations to put resources into an Altcoin?
  • What problem is the Cryptocurrency attempting to illuminate or proffering a solution?
  •  How enormous is the issue that the proffered solution is attempting to address?
  • Have others attempted to take care of the issue sometime recently?
  • On the off chance that they are no longer around why did they come up short?
  • Can a solution be proffered through another medium?
  • Are the other options to address this issue more proficient?
  • On account of an ICO what does the whitepaper determine and what does it take out?
  • Is the Altcoin organized with focal control or a decentralized administration?
  • Is the explanation behind the Coin’s presence clear?
  • What amount of the cost of the cryptocurrency depends on the worth being conveyed today and what amount is it in light of future guarantees of advancement?

The essential explanation behind a cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin or an Altcoin to exist is to oblige to the need of its users, the main motivation behind why users will connect with an altcoin is, whether it is tackling an issue they have. Some Altcoins guarantee to take care of issues we didn’t know we had, for instance, LBRY is making a compensation to view content framework, while others, for example, Crown Coin, Dash, and deCRED are variations of Bitcoin. They are taking care of a similar key issue through various approach. A financial specialist needs to anticipate and decides on the one with a better satisfaction.

CryptoCurrency Marketing and Branding

  • What is the promoting position and methodology of the altcoin?
  • How advanced is the marketing?
  • Does the coin possess the correct branding to the issue it is fathoming?
  • Does the Altcoin make use of  MLM strategies?
  • Is the Altcoin know only among cryptocurrency users?


The trust between the Cryptocurrency and its potential investors is its branding. Genuine clients, for the most part, will come in later A hyperinflation, at last, happens in light of the fact that the clients of a money loss confide in it, yet the reverse is likewise valid. Hyper re-valuations (Manias?) happen when numerous new speculators need to purchase in the conviction that the genuine clients will come in later.

Media Coverage

Positive says in crypto-media outlets, for example, Cointelegraph.com, CryptoCoinsNews.com, and Altcoin Reviews all add validity to Altcoin when talked about in positive terms.

More road cred is collected when the media notices are outside of the crypto universe. Publications and articles in Forbes, Bloomberg, Nasdaq add greater integrity and reliability to an Altcoin. Scope, when all is said and done in daily papers and news media, are signs of standard intrigue.

Altcoin Social Proof

  • What number of different investors/clients trust in the venture?
  • Who are the leading competitors in the altcoin and what are their aims?
  • What number of Twitter followers does the coin have?
  • What is the activity of the coin # tag or $ tag?
  • What is the length of the Bitcointalk thread?
  • What is the slack activity and tone?


Altcoin development team and technology

  • The center estimation of any venture is the usefulness of the coin. (Furthermore, what number of individuals think about it and trust it)
  • What is the new tech that the altcoin is creating? (assuming there are any)
  • How is the new tech being connected to make a more successful answer for the issue being tended to? Can the solution be easily copied?
  • Could the solution be effortlessly duplicated?
  •  What is unique about the team behind this altcoin?
  • Can you get unrestricted access to the development team?
  • Are their personalities open?

Bitcoin has demonstrated itself again and again, albeit many have sung to its tribute. Most Altcoins have either adjusted the Bitcoin’s square chain code or made an altogether new blockchain tech.

Newer advancements in technology results in new risk. For instance, the now renowned DAO hack was the result of a bug in another shrewd contract innovation. Such breakages in the innovation can have distinctive effects. The DAO was wrecked, yet in different occurrences, it fills in as a flexibility workout.


Price, Market, and Exchanges

  • Is it associated with genuine events that increase the value of the cash?
  • Is all the market rising or simply the cryptographic money being referred to?
  • On what volume was the cost increment or lessening done?
  •  Is the coin being used by true users or by investor/speculators?
  • What number of organizations acknowledge the altcoin straightforwardly? What number of acknowledging it through shapeshift?


A few pumps are engaged around a specific new component being discharged others can be more basic, for example, regulation changes, a breakdown or an expansion in the opposition.

Attempting to take after the pumps and dumps is the occupation of the market producers and the informal investors. Different financial specialists pick, not to move with that exciting ride and concentrate on the long-term basis of the cryptos.

Does an altcoin:

  •   Concentrate on a specific market, which is exceptionally questionable?
  •    Concentrate on one specific locale?
  • Permit Anonymous exchanges?
  • is prominent on the dark web?
  • Has been delegated a scam coin?
  • Possesses some system which can be immediately bothered and altered by regulators? (Ex: A centralised website).
  • Is it the foundation of the altcoin, for example, hubs, or mining situated on the fringes of a specific ward?



The Future of Bitcoin or the Altcoin

  • What number of assets are accessible to keep up development and promoting of the coin?
  • To what extent will these assets last?
  • Does it have long term or short term goals?
  • Are there events such as a drop in mining rewards on the horizon?

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