Best business bank account in Europe

Winner 2020 May: Paysera

I have tried all 3 major European online neo-banks for business


Paysera is a financial institution from Lithuania. Even though your money is not insured by European Insurance, in my opinion they are even safer because they are kept by segregated account and this institution is monitored by Lithuanian Bank.

Account opening – super easy with Skype verification and basic company documents.

Fees: 0,15€ for Sepa transfer. ~2.5% for currency exchange. Physical card 5€ per year.

Negative: expensive currency exchange. No virtual cards

Revolut Business

Get your virtual card instantly. Both physical and virtual cards for free. Revolut has best pricing from 3 companies compared here.

As they offer only prepaid cards – they can not be used paying some sellers, example: Google Ads. That is a deal breaker for me not to use them. Account opening in Revolut is quite difficult.


The registration is quite easy. The fees are highest for Sepa transfers at 0,63€.

I could not get the physical card twice after i have ordered it to 2 different addresses.

Transferwise is the definate loser in front of Paysera and Revolut Business.

Wise Business Account

Wise offers four different solutions for businesses

  1. Business checking account: lets you manage funds, payroll, and earn interest on your earnings.
  2. Business savings account: offers interest-earning opportunities from varying APY rates.
  3. Merchant account: lets you accept cashless payments for your product or services but is subjected to a fee.
  4. Payroll account: exclusive solution for payroll management.

All of these accounts come with different terms, fees, and limits. Plus, it helps you ensure that your finances are compliant with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and simplify tax filing. 

disclaimer: I own Revolut shares