Betterment alternatives

You shouldn’t be picking stocks. That’s the one commandment of modern investment advice. Don’t pick stocks, most importantly,  don’t pay investment managers who try to outperform the market. When you add up their fees and their nontrivial chance of losing relative to the rest of the market, you’re better off skipping the self-proclaimed experts.

Everyone in the investment world knows this. According to what’s known as Modern Portfolio Theory, rather than trying to beat the market, you should choose your level of risk and create a diversified portfolio of assets.
 Of everything I tried, MarketRiders offers the most in-depth tools to create and maintain a disciplined investment strategy. Depending on the size of your account, it could be really cheap, too. But MarketRiders is also the least accessible to people who don’t understand the complexities of investing, and it requires a lot of maintenance work. If you’re not really into watching your money, you’ll want to try one of the other options.

Think of MarketRiders as an automated investment adviser. The site doesn’t manage your money itself. Instead, you keep your funds at a low-cost online broker like Vanguard or Schwab. After you sign up for MarketRiders, you tell it how much you’d like to invest, for what time period, and your risk tolerance. (You can create different portfolios for different purposes, and the site works for both taxable and nontaxable accounts—say, one for your retirement, one for your dream house, one for your kid’s college.) Based on your information, MarketRiders figures out which securities you should buy at your broker. Then it tracks your investments, warns you when they’ve gotten out of balance, and tells you what to buy and what to sell in order to rebalance them.

What’s my verdict? For most people, Betterment is best. Its price and simplicity make for a killer combination. Those who want more options but don’t want high fees should choose MarketRiders. It’s what I’ve been using for my own money for more than a year, and I’ve grown to love it.
yearly fees on accountBettermentMarket RidersWealthfront
10.000$25 - 50$account minimum 25k $0$
25.000$62.5 - 125$149$37.5$
50.000$125 - 250$149$100$
100.000$250 - 500$149$225$
200.000$500 - 1000$149$475$